Industry Engagement

Created in 2008, the MIT Center for Computational Engineering (CCE) is an educational and research-focused center in the MIT School of Engineering and will become a part of the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing. CCE faculty and students focus on the development and application of new computational methods to solving important real-world problems in engineering and science.

The Center’s 71 faculty and 55 graduate students from across 13 MIT departments study these problems, creating novel tools, methods and algorithms for modeling, simulation and validation of theoretical understanding. Many enhance their research through experiments using massive data sets and powerful high-performance computational techniques. Over many decades, advances in computational science and engineering have resulted in more efficient aircraft, higher-density transistors on chips, more energy-efficient electronic devices, greater yield chemical and biological processes, cleaner power plants, higher resolution medical imaging and more accurate geophysical explorations, to name a few noteworthy outcomes. The departments represented in our Center include:

Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Material Science and Engineering Biological Engineering
Aeronautics and Astronautics Chemical Engineering
Mathematics Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Nuclear Science and Engineering Operations Research Center
Civil and Environmental Engineering Architecture
Media Arts and Sciences


The Center has launched a program for companies with interests in building a working relationship with our research community through membership in the cce.connect program. Benefits of membership in the program include facilitated introductions to CCE researchers, opportunities to network with graduate students for internships and recruitment, access to student-run organizations and events, introductions to companies launched by CCE community researchers and exclusive invitations to annual symposia, technical workshops and campus events.

For more information on how to join cce.connect and any of our other programs, please contact Jeff Freilich, Director of Alliances at or +1 617 253-1207.